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Birthdate:Jul 6
Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I'm Hilary, a 21-year-old Pennsylvanian going to school in big city Canada, studying history, and trying to become a journalist. This journal is a mix of boring personal stuff that is mostly friends-only, with occasional public posts that tend to be a bit more thoughtful. I'm very liberal and very political, and enjoy hearing opposing opinions argued constructively but will not hesitate to block you if I feel you're being rude. My interests list and entries will probably tell you more about me than anything I could tell you here.

Interests (141):

90s nickelodeon, abandoned buildings, activism, adventures, albus dumbledore, alternative lifestyles, amnesty international, amy goodman, amy winehouse, ancient egypt, animals, anne rice, arabic, art, avatar: the last airbender, baking, being a nerd, being outdoors, beluga whales, bend it like beckham, biking, bitch magazine, bob dylan, books, brains, britain, buddhism, calvin & hobbes, canada, candles, cheap stuff, coincidences, cows, cult classics, dancing, deltoids, democracy now!, donnie darko, downtown, dreams, earrings, edward said, england, fandom, feminism, fight club, film festivals, folklore, food, free stuff, fukuoka, ghosts, graffiti, graphic novels, graveyards, green tea, hamsters, harry and the potters, harry potter, hindi, his dark materials, history, hufflepuff, human rights, indie films, intentional communities, ireland, islam, japan, japanese, journaling, journalism, judaism, knitting, kyoto, languages, late 18th-century russian nihilists, liberals, lonely planet guides, luna lovegood, magical realism, men, miyazaki films, murals, napping, neuroscience, non-western feminisms, old school nickolodean, oxford commas, paganism, painting, pennsylvania weirdness, people-watching, photography, piercings, pizza, playing devil's advocate, politics, postsecret, pride & prejudice, psychology, psypets, rain, ravenclaw, reading, rock & roll, sailor moon, sewing, sex, slavic mythology, sleeping, snail mail letters, snakes, south asia, state college pa, stationery, subeta, surrealism, tarot, tattoos, tea, the 60s, the angry beavers, the beatles, the delta program, the economist, the nightmare before christmas, thunderstorms, toronto, traveling, unusual names, urban exploration, used books, used bookstores, volunteering, webster's bookstore cafe, wizard rock, writing, your mom, zines, zombies
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